The Confession of Money

The Confession of Money written by Koto Kodama.

This article was created by Koto Kodama and asking you for your help.  He makes a feature film in New Mexico USA and started a campaign on Indiegogo.
What you can do? Even if you cannot financially support our campaign, we would be grateful if you can help us spread the word on your favorite social media sites.

The Confession of Money is a feature film written and directed by Koto Kodama.

A former soldier called Tayler (James T. O’rile ) , is confronted again with a guy (RAUL FERNANDES), due to which he had to go into hiding once. Tayler had faked his death and lives as a priest in a small community in New Mexico. One day a man arrives at the priest’s, deadly injured, and asks for help. Shortly after that, the man dies from the gunshot wounds. The priest  try to get rid of the body. They cannot bury it in the churchyard. Therefore, they try to bury the dead man in the desert. They don’t know yet that the Pickup, with wich the injured man arrived, carries a bag with a million Dollar. Now the owner wants his money back.
United States Copyright Office 2013.

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